3 Fun And Crazy Outdoor Games For Adults


All work with no play makes Jack a dull boy; well, adults should consider the full meaning of this saying. Playing is not a child’s thing. It is a form of exercise as well as an activity that builds social bonds.

Volleyball, tag or war, three-legged race, and horseshoes are just some of the common outdoor games that adults can mention off the hat. Here are a few other adult games that can bring that extra spark between two consenting adults.

outdoor games for adults

1. Balloon Lift And Pop

It will need everyone paired in twos and opposite genders; man and woman. They should stand facing each other with a balloon fills with air or water placed on the ground in front of them. They should find a way of picking up the balloon and popping it without using their hands. The first team to accomplish this wins and any team that attempts to use their hands is eliminated.

2. Things Go Bump In The Dark

It is a fun outdoor game to play in at night. It becomes more fun if there are more than five participants, the many the merrier. Participants should try moving around in the darkness without been noticed or heard and standing still like a statue when a curator passes close by. Have one participant be the curator, picking out anyone heard or seen moving.

outdoor games for adults

3. Where Are The Grapes?

The game will need participants paired in twos, man, and woman. The should be seated at a table across each other and with plates with grapes placed between them. The grapes should be covered in whip cream and then the paired participants should decide who will fish out the grapes and feed them to the other using only their mouths, no hands. The first team to clear the plate and with less cream on their faces wins.

You do not have to be a child at heart to enjoy playing a game when in the great outdoors. It takes little imagination to come up with fun and games to play when outside with friends.

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