Bring Back the Child in You! Fun at Florida Theme Park


When was the last time you had fun at the Florida Theme park, not as a child but as an adult? The theme park is not for under the age of 16, you can have more fun now at the Florida theme park trip that you had as a little kid. There are a lot of activities that can help to bring out the child in you. Enjoy rides and go meet your favorite Prince or is it Goofy that still rules your heart.

Try the heart pounding rides including the Incredible Hulk Coaster, the Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster, or the Doctor Doom’s Fear fall. Kraken is another thrilling ride it is a floorless roller coaster at the Florida Theme Park that actually tosses you up in the air seven times at the speed of 65mph and that’s not it, by the end you are dashed over and through the pool filled with water.

You can bring back the childhood Disney memories at the New Fantasy Land build particularly for Disney classics back from the 90s. You can recall your memories dreaming with your favorite Disney princess, belle whirling in the library or Snow White singing to the drafts.

Visit The ICEBAR Orlando, the bar that will be the best spot to chill out particularly because it is freezing in there. The ICEBAR has everything made of ice, the bar top, the chairs you sit on, the glass you drink from and the Nordic sculptures. A place you don’t want to miss out if you are visiting Orlando.

For all those who wish to have extreme adventures at Disney Land, you need to go hand gliding, at the soaring around the world at Disney land Epcot. Multi-sensory adventures where your sight, hearing, and scent are used as you glide around the world in minutes and as you get to fill the experience into your bones. It’s actually a lift which is 40 feet high and under it the entire projection film is being played on an 80 feet screen dome that shows you are gliding over few of the world famous landmarks.

You get to have a nightcap until 10 pm at the Orlando’s best restaurants Belle and the Beast that serve booze of your type with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It has a wide selection of wine and food that is perfect when you are calling it a day.

Obviously, the trip is nothing without food particularly when you have best from around the world under one big roof.  The Epcot theme park at the Disney world also showcases an international buffet where there are world class cocktails and Booze. Each pavilion its own traditional devour with fine dining and native sips including VeuveCliquot in France, in Germany you have craft beers, avocado margaritas in Mexico, frozen Kirin beer in Japan. When it comes to food you get red meat at Le Cellier Steakhouse from Canada, visit Germany’s Biergarten Restaurant and France’s Monsieur Paul.