Celebrate Important Events at the Theme park


The central Florida consists of the Walt Disney’s largest theme parks that have never gone a week without events that are too important for Florida theme park fans.  You cannot miss out on celebrations that are related to your favorite movie or characters like you can expect Disney princes’ events or the Mickey Mouse clubhouse events.

Annual celebration of Harry Potter

There is a special event dedicated to the fans of Harry Potter which has been happening for three years now featuring an expo full of magic designed for witchcraft and wizardry. The expo involves a mini studio tour by Warner Bros, a chance to participate in hat house sorting and shopping for your wands and maybe even an owl. A celebration for all the Harry Potter fans where you even get to meet your favorite characters.

Florida Cup

Walt Disney World won the Florida Cup 2016 and even made it to the record books; Florida Cup is the professional international soccer tournament at the ESPN is held in the Wide World of the sports complex. It is one of the most important celebrations for the theme park’s soccer fans.

Central Florida Dragon Boat Festival

The Chinese festival has been originated back to 2000 years ago and was born by a myth and legend. The Dragon Boat Festival is a two-day celebration full of activities; an opening ceremony the evening before the race takes place, where you can experience performances while surrounded by the dragon boat tradition and finally a boat race held at Wooton Park.

4th of July is an excuse to celebrate and so there are tons of events at Florida theme park. Few of these events are highlighted and are most important part of the theme park celebration through the year.

Red, Brick, and Boom at LEGOLAND

From 3rd – 6th of July

During the three-day event on the Fourth of July the Florida theme park celebration includes Red, Brick, and Boom. On this event, the park is opened until 9 pm. At the LEGOLAND Where the celebration during the day includes families who participate in building LEGOLAND Florida’s American Flag and in the evening, everyone gets to witnessing fireworks through special 3D glasses.

On 4th of July, the Orlando sea world celebrates independence with patriotic music and fireworks as a part of Orlando’s summer night.

Another traditional 4th of July celebration happens at Lake Eola downtown Orlando from 4 pm to 10 pm. Where families come with picnic baskets and blankets and spend the day like America an old school summer family evening near the lake. By the end of the celebration, there are fireworks to conclude the Independence Day event.

Red Hot and Boom

On 3rd July

One of the biggest celebrations on Wall Street in downtown Orlando that features big names in performances along with food and drinks and a firework display. It is Red Hot and Boom for 4th and July tradition that has been happening in Cranes Roost Park in Altamonte Springs.