Crazy Games Make For Fond Memories


When you have a massively social event on your calendar that you are responsible for putting together, make sure everyone has a time they’ll not soon forget by providing crazy games for everyone to partake in. While many people understand the value in attending family reunions or company picnics where they can maintain or even establish personal connections and relationships, they might also dread being stuck at something for hours, or even days, and not having much to do except eat, talk, or listen to boring people ramble on about things they might not care about.

crazy games

Choose Games As Per Type of Gathering

What particular crazy games you choose do need to be appropriate to the group and gathering. While having someone stand still with an empty beer can on his head and letting marksman try and shoot the can off his skull without hurting him technically meets the definition of a crazy game, it’s not the kind of crazy that you’re looking for. Instead, you might have employees or families do things they would normally never be a part of in their daily lives, like sack races. Scavenger hunts can also be something that fits this theme.

Explore Crazy Game for Cruise Ship

If you’ve ever been on a cruise ship, then you’ve seen some crazy games that were relatively safe and family-friendly. Use this for inspiration if you’re short on ideas. Of course you can always visit a game or toy store and find card games and light up boards games that lend themselves nicely to being crazy games.

It is a good idea to keep alcohol out of the affair, unless you’re just with friends and there are designated drivers and no kids present. Of course, if this is a family or professional function, then the boundaries of acceptable behavior and game content is considerably more restricted in possibility.