How to Look Up Your Child’s Social Security Number


Your child’s Social Security Number is required if you wish to include your child as one of your dependents on your next tax return, as well as if you are applying for certain government benefits, looking to obtain health insurance, take out bonds in their name, or open a new bank account for your child.

How To Find Your Child Social Security Number

You can find your child’s Social Security Number on their Social Security Card. If you have lost the card and do not have a record of the number anywhere, then you will need to request a new card. This can be done by applying to the Social Security Administration. To prevent identity theft, the Social Security Administration will not disclose anyone’s Social Security Number over the telephone. It is a good idea to request a new card as soon as you realise that the card is missing, so that you have a copy of it on hand when you need the number, because there is no guarantee for how quickly request for a new card will be processed.

To apply for a new card, you can either visit the Social Security Administration website to get the application form, or go to the Social Security Administration office. Alternatively, you can call them on (800) 772-1213 and request to have a copy of the application form posted to your house.

Provide Details

You will need to provide proof of how old your child is now, and their identity. Usually, a birth certificate is used for the date of birth, and then for the identity you can use something like a U.S. Passport, school ID cards, religious cards or hospital or doctor’s record. The documents must be original (copies will not be accepted) and certified by the agency that issued them. A notarized version of the document will not be accepted.

You will also need to provide proof of your identity. You can use a driver’s license, a state I.D card or your U.S. passport. There are some other acceptable documents – check the list on the application form for more information.

You will need to take these original documents to the Social Security Office along the application form so that the documents can be verified. If you filed the application by mail, then you will receive the card in the post once the documents have been verified.

Note that while there is currently no charge to request a Social Security Card, you are limited to no more than three replacement cards within a one year time period, and no more than ten replacement cards in your lifetime. Make sure that the card is kept in a safe place and that you keep a record of the number as well so that you do not find yourself unable to obtain a replacement. There is no need to carry your social security card with you on a day to day basis, since the number is typically needed only when filling out significant application. For more information visit