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Splash Mountain Tickets

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Splash Mountain Disney Tickets


Brer Rabbit, against the advice of Mr. Bluebird, leaves his briar patch home - to catastrophic consequences.

It turns out the mischievous Brer Fox and Brer Bear had been on the prowl for the rabbit.

Brer Rabbit is heading for trouble right from the start.

Eventually the balance is tipped when Brer Rabbit exhilaratingly plunges from the top of Chickapin Hill, at the behest of a legendary pursuit.

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So goes the timeless movie-capping moment of the 1946 Disney animated full-length, Song of the South.

Now Japanese fans and non-fans have a chance at simulating such a soul-shaking experience, for real and for good.

Since October 1, 1992, Splash Mountain in Tokyo Disneyland has been exceeding the expectations of riders who may have hitherto dismissed this as an ordinary log ride. we offer heavy discounted tickets for Splash Mountain.

Aside from employing images and likenesses of the critters from that movie, Splash Mountain entices visitors with the "steepest, highest, wettest drop ever" at the park.

True enough, the log ride consummates in a behemoth drop at ride’s end. This drop is like no other, measuring a height approximating that of five stories.

Furthermore, this is tilted at a 45° angle. Brer Rabbit wannabes descend at the drop at speeds approximating 40 mph.

By far, Tokyo Disneyland’s Splash Mountain incarnation stops in a bit longer; the flume averages at 2,800 ft. You can buy Splash Mountain tickets online from this website.

The Beaver Brothers have specially carved a hollow vessel out of logs for 8 guests to relive Brer Rabbit’s spine-tingling adventure.

In all, the flume ride passes through three lifts and five drops. The ride lasts for around 10 minutes

For the most part, the attraction does not deviate from the timeless heritage of the film, much less take away classic soundtrack hooks such as "How Do You Do", "Everybody's Got a Laughin' Place" and of course, "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah."

They may like it or not, but guests, at that very moment when their let-down guards conjure the most uncontrolled of all faces, have their pictures taken. Are you planning to visit Disney world..? Buy Splash Mountain Tickets at discounted prices and enjoy your trip to Disney. By the initiative of Splashdown Photos, cameras capture guests when they take the ride’s fifth and final drop.

Guests are reminded that they will risk exposure to moisture and wetness, in that a rain poncho may be deemed necessary.

List of Attractions at Splash Mountain:-

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