Tips to Improve Grass Quality


Once a lawn is properly established in your garden, there are quite a few things that you can do to improve its quality and make it one that your neighbors will envy. Grass grows best when its base has a mixture of sand, organic matter, and topsoil that is well-drained. This must be several inches deep, and your lawn will be of better quality if you start it with quality seeds. If you have started well, there is no doubt you will be able to grow a lawn of real quality, if you continue to care for it as is needed.

Ensure Quality Of Lawn

One important way of ensuring the quality of a lawn is to mulch your lawn through grass-cycling. Cut your lawn on dry days and restrict your cutting to one-third of the blade size. The use of a mulching mower will ensure that the cut grass strip will be cut into fine pieces that go back into the lawn and get recycled. These mowers cannot be used on wet lawns. Lawn mowing is also faster because you do not have to collect the cut grass and bag it for disposal. Nutrients in the cut grass go back into the lawn, and you are also not contributing to landfills, where your mowed grass would otherwise have been sent. Grass-cycling will, however, require you to mow the lawn at more frequent intervals, as the length of the blades of grass being cut is small and manageable for mulch.

Fertilized Properly

A quality lawn is one that is properly fertilized so that it is always healthy. Quality is enhanced when fertilizers are organic or of the slow release variety synthetic fertilizers. This controls the growth habits of the lawn. If you are applying synthetic fertilizers, do not mow your lawn, until the fertilizer is absorbed by the lawn, as it will fracture the fertilizer and destroy its slow release properties. A weeks delay is best. Testing your soil to know exactly what nutrients are missing can help to improve the quality of a lawn. You will then get proper advice on the best fertilizer that can be used to improve the lawn and having it grow to the quality that you require.

A high-quality lawn is one that is watered only when it is needed. Topsoil can dry out, but this will force the lawn to grow longer roots and draw water from the deeper soil. The grass will be also become more stress tolerant and grow better. Be less depend on weed killers and take the trouble to remove any weeds physically, as this causes less disturbance to the lawn.


Getting your lawn to have the appearance of one that is well managed requires it to be given constant attention and care, and can take time to achieve. Doing this yourself can also be more satisfying, though you can also get professionals to do all the hard work if you do not have the time to do so. A high-quality lawn can greatly enhance the landscape of your home. For more information consult discoverziehler professionals.